Bullied Grandma Takes Manhattan

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent caught up with the bullied grandma bus monitor as she was showered with love in New York City.  

The granny bullied on the school bus takes Manhattan!

Bus monitor Karen Klein is showered with love in the heart of New York City, after that ugly bullying incident shocked the nation. 

"The way you reacted—very inspirational. I hope everyone could be as patient as you are because that was amazing," said one woman who stopped Klein on the street.

Four 7th grade boys bullied the 68-year-old grandmother on the school bus. Two of them have sent her letters of apology.

"Do you believe the boys' apologies? Do you believe they're sincere?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent.

"I would like to look them in the eye one day and hear them apologize," replied Klein.

Klein's daughter Michelle was by her side as New York City treated her like a rockstar.

"She's the toast of the town. Everyone recognizes her," said Trent.

"I know, it's crazy!" said Michelle.

It's all been a blur for the bullied granny since the video went viral last week.

Donations for Klein continue to pour in from generous people from all over the world. The total is now placed at a staggering $650,000—and counting.

"I would like to pay off all my bills, then I can retire," said Klein.

Karen told INSIDE EDITION she probably won't go back to work. With all the money—and all the love—she doesn't really need to.