Lindsay Lohan's 911 Call Released | Inside Edition

Lindsay Lohan's 911 Call Released

The urgent 911 call placed when Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious in her luxury hotel suite has just been released. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.  

It's the just released 911 call placed when Lindsay Lohan was found unconscious in her luxury hotel suite. It happened when Lohan was taking a break from playing Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime movie Liz and Dick.

When Lohan wouldn't wake up from a nap, the male nurse on the film crew called 911.    

Caller: We need a paramedic.

911 Dispatcher: What address?

Caller: We're at the Ritz Carlton on the penthouse.

911 Dispatcher: How old is the patient?

Caller: Mid 20's.

911 Dispatcher: Male or female?

Caller: Female.

911 Dispatcher: Is the patient awake and breathing?

Then the nurse used a special code to get paramedics to respond fast.
Caller: It's a serious—it's a code 3.

Code 3 is the LA county fire department's designation for the most serious life threatening emergencies. It tells firefighters and paramedics to rush to the scene with lights and sirens. But they didn't have far to go—the fire department in Marina Del Rey is located right next door to the hotel Lohan was staying in.

When paramedics reached the penthouse suite, they discovered Lohan awake, and she didn't need to be hospitalized. She said she was exhausted and dehydrated from the long days on the set.

After Lohan blamed long hours on the set, the actors union investigated and found producers had not violated work rules. Shooting on the film should wrap very soon.