Peter Cook's New Wife Has Harsh Words For Christie Brinkley

In an exclusive interview, Peter Cook and his new wife Suzanne Shaw spoke to INSIDE EDITION about the ongoing feud between Cook and his ex wife, Christie Brinkley.  

Peter Cook's new wife, Suzanne Shaw, speaks her mind about his ex, Christie Brinkley.

"I feel sorry for her, really. She's so hung up on this cheating business," said Shaw.

In an exclusive interview with INSIDE EDITION, Shaw says the supermodel used an insulting nickname when the two women came face to face in a New York courthouse.

"She called me 'Sleazanne' in front of the whole panel of attorneys. And I was thinking, 'Why would she? Because I'm with the same man she was married to for ten years?' I don't know. What does that say about herself? And I'm not the one with four ex husbands. It was really so rude," said Shaw.

Shaw and Cook said they were floored by the insult.

"It was just so petty," said Shaw.

"It's childish, I haven't heard something like that since grade school," said Cook.

"I didn't know how to respond to it," said Shaw.

Shaw's criticisms add a whole new dimension to the exchange of insults that Cook and Brinkley have been slinging at each other since their marriage collapsed four years ago.

The feud between Brinkley and Cook is so relentless and nasty, the New York Post called them, "annoying crybabies."

But Shaw—who married Cook in a hush-hush ceremony earlier this year—insists her architect husband is being unjustly vilified.

"What I have witnessed for five years, and had to endure—it's been very difficult," said Shaw.

Cook had this comment on his ex:

"She will not be happy until I am bleeding on a curbside and penniless."

After they reached a settlement, Brinkley went on her Facebook page and posted this blistering message:

"I 'moved on' from my marriage to Peter Cook the moment a police officer tapped me on the shoulder and informed me that my husband had been cheating on me in a two-year affair with his 17-year-old daughter."

That, of course, was a reference to Cook's notorious affair with his assistant, Diana Bianchi.
Cook says he expected something of that nature from Brinkley.

"I totally expected her to be shaking my hand with one hand and sticking a knife in my back with the other. I knew this was going to happen," said Cook.

Shaw tells INSIDE EDITION it's high time the feud ended.

"The last thing you want is to see is your children hurt or humiliated, and when we hurt or humiliate the father of our children—particularly a good one—we are hurting and humiliating our children. This is the thing that is heartbreaking," said Shaw.