Hollywood Ex-Wives Tell All in New Reality Show

INSIDE EDITION talks to the beautiful Hollywood ex-wives who find a sense of sisterhood in their new reality show about life after a high-profile divorce.

They are 5 beautiful women who were married to some of the most famous men in America. Now, they have their own reality show, Hollywood Exes premiering Wednesday on Vh1.

Eddie Murphy's stunning ex-wife, Nicole Murphy, a former model, was married to Murphy for 12 years.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked, "Will we see Eddie on the show?"

Nicole Murphy said, "No, Eddie is not going to be on the show."

Will Smith and Sheree Fletcher were married for three years.  

Alexander asked Fletcher, "The guys that you date after Will Smith...are they insecure because they feel like they can never measure up?"

"You handle it very carefully because they do feel like they can't live up to that," said Fletcher.

Jessica Conseco was married to baseball star José Conseco for four years, and now he wants to move back in.
Mayte Garcia was Prince's first wife. They were married for three years. She says she's looking for love.

"After being married to Prince, what kind of guy are you looking for?" asked Alexander.

"I don't know. I mean, I definitely don't want another musician, that's for sure. I'm done with that" said Garcia.

And after more than ten years of marriage, Andrea Kelly, who was married to R&B singer R. Kelly is moving from Chicago to Los Angeles to start a new life.

"It was hard. It was really was. That was all I knew—being R. Kelly's second wife," said Kelly.

Life is good for all five of these glamourous exes. They showed up with an entourage of hair and makeup people.

Alexander asked, "Are you going to bash your ex-husbands on the show?"

The group answered, "Absolutely not."

But Jessica Conseco said with a laugh, "Yes."