Mysterious Disappearance Of Multi-Millionaire

In an INSIDE EDITION exclusive, we speak to the mother of Guma Aguiar, the multi-millionaire whose mysterious disappearance has the whole nation talking.

The oil and gas entrepreneur, Guma Aguiar, had it all. A beautiful wife, a waterfront mansion in Florida, an amazing million dollar yacht, and plenty of money—as much as $100 million.

But that all changed last week, when surveillance images captured Aguiar, barefoot, walking to his private dock in the late afternoon, just before boarding his 31-foot speed boat alone.

What happened next is a baffling mystery. That's because later that night, at 1:30 in the morning, the boat was found washed up along the shore three miles from his home in Fort Lauderdale—with nothing on board but his wallet and keys. Everyone wondered, what happened to the multi-millionaire?

It's a mystery that is drawing national attention.

Now, Guma's mother, Ellen Aguiar, is speaking out about her son's mysterious disappearance exclusively to INSIDE EDITION, revealing there was trouble brewing in what appeared to be a charmed life of luxury.

"I felt that it was inevitable that something would happen," said Ellen.

Her son suffered from bipolar disorder and was involved in a bitter lawsuit with his uncle over the sale of a $2.5 billion oil and gas company. Ellen says that, combined with marriage problems and threats of divorce from his wife Jamie, may have put him over the edge.

"How much can a human being take before there's a disaster? I mean, it was the literal prescription for the perfect storm," said Ellen.

"He was told within hours of getting on the boat that Jamie wanted a divorce," said Guma's attorney, Rich Baron.

A letter obtained by INSIDE EDITION and sent to Jaimie's attorney said that Aguiar was "very stressed and depressed," and pressure to tear up a prenuptial agreement could result in "unanticipated and sad results."  

The letter was written by Aguiar's divorce attorney.

Does all this point to a suicide? Did he jump overboard and end it all?
His mother still has hope that her son will turn up.

"I will not give up hope until Guma is found, one way or another," said Ellen.

Now Aguiar's wife and mother appear to be locked in a war for control of his business. The mother recently filed to have a third party administer the estate until authorities can determine what happened to him.