Hero Frenchman Found

INSIDE EDITION has the story on where the heroic French tourist went after he plunged into New York's East river to save a small girl, and quickly left the scene. 

INSIDE EDITION is learning the identity of the brave Frenchman who helped save that 2-year-old girl who fell into the frigid water of the East River. 

The New York Daily News says "le hero" is 29-year-old Julien Duret, who was tracked down in his hometown of Lyon, France

He jumped into the bone-chilling water and pulled little Bridget to the surface just moments before her father David Anderson reached her.

"The emotion took over," he says. "I didn't think at all. It happened very fast. I've never done anything like that before."

It was Julien's and his girlfriends' first trip to New York City.