Thrill Ride Dad Faces Fears for His Daughter

The video went viral of a dad and daughter on a thrill ride where the dad did all the screaming. INSIDE EDITION talks to the father-daughter team about their unforgettable ride.

He's the dad who's terrified reaction to an amusement park ride is cracking everyone up.

It happened at an amusement park in Tennessee. The dad, Steve Fuehne, was scared to death, while his 11-year-old daughter, Grace Elizabeth, giggled and had a ball.   

Steve told INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd, "I'm never going on one of those rides again."

Boyd pointed out, "At one point you screamed 'Grace Elizabeth, never again!' "

They were on a ride called the Screaming Swing.

"It was just a giant pendulum that swings back and forth," said Steve.

Boyd asked Grace Elizabeth, "Have you ever seen your dad that scared?"

"No," said Grace Elizabeth.

The guy who operated the ride actually responded to Steve's wails for help and stopped the ride. But when his daughter asked to go again, incredibly, dad gave in, and screamed his way through another ride.

Looks like he'll do anything for his little girl.