Epic Fire Engulfs Colorado Mountains

Tens of thousands of Colorado residents are being evacuated from wildfires that continue to rage out of control. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Those aren't clouds resting on the majestic mountains of Colorado—it's smoke from a fire of epic proportions.

The scenes out of Colorado are shocking the nation. Terrified residents are using their video cameras to capture the flames, ash and smoke filling the air.

"It's like armageddon," said one resident.

A fire rages in the hills as drivers caught in complete gridlock try to escape.

"We are right in the middle of a fire evacuation. It smells like a campfire outside," said a resident.

Two women were driving along a highway surrounded by smoke. Suddenly, an explosion occured in the distance.

And another man has just evacuated his home. His neighborhood is thick with smoke. In another neighborhood, the homes are being consumed by fire, one by one.  

One man tearfully said, "[It's] one of the most eery feelings I've ever had. I hope we can come back."