Driver Suffers Seizure, Killing Family of Five

Five members of one family were killed when a driver suffered a seizure and killed them all. The driver was charged with negligent homicide but a jury found her not guilty. INSIDE EDITION talks to the heartbroken family.

A devastated Colorado family consoled each other as they struggled to accept the loss of five family members who were wiped out in a horrific car crash.

"She killed five people. Five," said one family member.

It happened when Monica Chavez suffered a seizure and lost control of her car.
Police say Monica Chavez was traveling at up to 100 mph when she hit a median sending her Ford Expedition airborne.
The SUV landed on top of another vehicle. Inside was Randy Stoll-Steimer, his wife, Crystal Dawn, and their three young sons. All 5 were killed instantly.
At first the crash appeared to be a tragic accident but investigators discovered that Monica Chavez had a history of seizures, first in 2006 and again in 2010. They said her doctors warned her to stop driving and see a neurologist, but she never did.
"She just didn't want to go to the doctor . She didn't want to go to the doctor because she was afraid of what he would say," Dan Quick, District Attorney, told INSIDE EDITION
Chavez admited she ignored her doctor's advice, saying, "I was just scared. I thought about a tumor in my head. I just didn't want to know."
"The doctor said ‘do not drive until you see a neurologist,' and that was not done," the prosecutor told INSIDE EDITION.
Chavez was charged with five counts of negligent homicide, and prosecutors were convinced they had a solid case. However, just last week, a jury found Chavez not guilty. The verdict was a crushing blow for the victim's loved ones.
The children's grandfather told INSIDE EDITION, "How would you feel if your whole family was taken in seconds because somebody didn't take care of their health? How would you feel?"
They were cremated and buried together in one grave. The funeral home made plaster casts of their hands—poignant reminders of a family wiped out.
INSIDE EDITION asked a family member, "If you could say anything to [Chavez], what would you say to her?"
He replied, "I'd say you're a cold blooded murderer. You should have to pay for what you did to my family."
INSIDE EDITION caught up with Monica Chavez outside her home, but she didn't want to talk.
Parked in her driveway was an SUV similar to the one she was driving the night she slammed into the Stoll-Steimer family.
Here's something many may find shocking—the prosecutor said that, "There's nothing to stop her from getting in that car and driving again."