Priceless Reaction at Prestigious Science Competition

When a 15-year-old student won a prestigious science award, his reaction was something for the record books. INSIDE EDITION talks to the brilliant teen who's breaking ground in science.

At the most prestigious student science competition in the world, you might not expect a wild reaction from the winner of the top prize.

15-year-old Jack Andraka's unbridled explosion of excitement has been a huge hit on the internet.

"I mean, a quarter of a million people watched my video. I am blown away by that fact," Andraka told INSIDE EDITION.

Andraka said he wasn't even expecting to win anything, let alone the grand prize of $100,000. He gave bear hugs to the officials on stage.

The genius teen won for developing a new method of detecting cancer in it's earliest stages. His test is faster and cheaper than current methods.

"It's also 25 to 40 percent more accurate," Andraka told INSIDE EDITION.

Andraka was inspired after his own uncle died from pancreatic cancer.

He's still in high school, but he's already doing research at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University.

His mentor told INSIDE EDITION, "We were astounded, because he's a freshman in high school. Typically, freshman don't win the international science fair. This is the biggest science fair in the world."

Andraka's mom says she loves that her son doesn't try to hide his emotions, saying, "This is his dream and he achieved it and he doesn't have problem letting it out."

No matter how far in life this promising young man will go, we can always enjoy his priceless reaction. Now, if only he can figure out a way to bottle all that joy for the rest of us.