Kate Gosselin Fires Back After Ex-Husband's Comments

Kate Gosselin fires back at remarks that she is an absentee mom because of her stint on Dancing with the Stars. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Kate Gosselin is firing back after her ex-husband accused her of being an "absentee mom" and announced plans to sue for primary custody of their eight kids. 

Kate calls Jon's claims "reckless," saying in a statement:

"I am and always will be a mother first. But as a single working mom, I will do everything necessary to provide for my kids despite the opinions of others."

Kate got immediate support from the ladies on The View.

"When people go, 'she should stay at home and take care of the kids,' the reality is, she has eight children. She cannot work at McDonald's. So she's got to figure out, 'how can I amass enough money to take care of eight kids.'" said Sherri Shepherd.

Kate is reportedly raking in $200,000 for her appearances on Dancing with the Stars, and she has a new book coming out next week.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Jon Gosselin at a parking lot in Reading, Pennsylvania where the Gosselins live. 

Jon was asked about reports that he is heading back to court with Kate to discuss some custody issues.

The forlorn-looking dad didn't have much to say, but his lawyer Anthony List did.

List says "They need a primary parent. They rarely see their mother now. The way you communicate with a parent isn't by watching a show at 8 o'clock at night 'til 10."

Meanwhile former astronaut Buzz Aldrin is the latest to get kicked off the show. The 80-year-old American hero didn't do much dancing. It was more like walking.

But he was a good sport about the experience.

"Right now I have a sore toe, but that's going to fix itself. The fond memories are going to be with me all the time," says Aldrin.