Supreme Court Healthcare Ruling Sparks Live TV Confusion

The Supreme Court ruled on healthcare overhaul, but the complexity of the ruling caused some chaos among the networks on live TV. INSIDE EDITION reports

Chaos reigned on live TV as the networks scrambled to bring the Supreme Court's landmark decision to the American people.

All the networks broke into regular programming shortly after 10 a.m. But moments after the court issued its historic, and very complicated ruling, anchors and reporters were giving contradictory summaries of just what it meant.

Fox News reported, "We're getting conflicting infomation."

Some called it right, like NBC reporting, "The Supreme Court has upheld the health care case."

Others, in the understandable confusion of the moment, got it wrong, like CNN reporting, "It would appear as if the Supreme Court justices have struck down the individual mandate."

It soon became apparent that the court had indeed upheld the individual mandate, the key component of  ObamaCare.

Fox News then reported, "The individual mandate, which is the heart of the funding mechanism behind the law, will stand."

CNN then reported, "As we're reading through this again, we are reading now that the entire law has been upheld."

New York magazine called the conflicting reports, "...some of the most confusing live television imaginable."

But in quick order, clarity won out and the facts became clear.