Great Granny Body Builder Inspires Young Contestants

INSIDE EDITION talks to a 64-year-old female bodybuilder who has a body you won't believe, and says age is just a number.

INSIDE EDITION recently spoke with one great grandmother who enjoys tending to her garden, and making snacks for her grandchildren. But at age 64, Ruby Pikes of Palmdale, California, also struts on stage competing in bikini contests. That's because she's a champion bodybuilder!

Pikes told INSIDE EDITION, "People say 'Oh my God how did you get your body like that? You are 64, look at your body!'"

This 64-year-old six packing great granny competes against bodybuilders less than half her age.

Earlier this month, Pikes won three new titles to add to her showcase that is already filled with trophies.

In her spare time, Pikes is a personal trainer. Her 25-year-old client, Natalie Lyle, can't believe she's being trained by a great grandmother!

Lyle told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "I never thought I'd be motivated by a great grandma."

Pikes didn't start developing her rock hard body until she turned 54.

"When I walk on that stage, I'm telling the audience,'You can do this. It's not hard, it's a lifestyle,'" said Pikes.

The fitness guru, with abs of steel, attributes her chiseled physique to eating healthy and working out from 30 minutes to several hours a day.

Don't expect this great granny to hang up her weights or bikini anytime soon.

Pikes told INSIDE EDITION, "Age is only a number."