Alec Baldwin Wedding Attracts Stars and Paparazzi

INSIDE EDITION reports on the details of Alec Baldwin's wedding to Hilaria Thomas, where one photographer was slammed to the ground by security. Meanwhile, Baldwin's quotes in a new interview aren't going to soften his prickly reputation.

So much for newlywed bliss.

Alec Baldwin was none too pleased to see cameras as he left his New York apartment building today. He was taking his bride and daughter Ireland to breakfast at their favorite neighborhood spot.

An INSIDE EDITION producer asked Baldwin, "What are your honeymoon plans?"

"I'm not going to say anything, so please walk away," replied Baldwin.

Just 36 hours earlier, Baldwin tied the knot with Hilaria Thomas, and talk about a rock. The actor tweeted photos of Hilaria's new bling and his wedding band.

On his wedding day, the hot-tempered actor managed to keep his cool with the paparazzi, who snapped away as guests arrived for the star-studded ceremony.

But one photographer got slammed to the pavement by Baldwin's security, who thought he got too close for comfort.

In attendance was Baldwin's family, including his actor brother, Billy, and his 16-year-old daughter Ireland, who partied with dad on the eve of the wedding. She was photographed wiping away tears after the ceremony.

30 Rock co-star Tina Fey was also there, along with Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels, and Woody Allen, who's directing Baldwin in his new movie.

Baldwin's security team went to great lengths to cloak the newlyweds in secrecy, using tarps to cover this SUV.

Baldwin was wearing a dark blue Tom Ford tuxedo. The bride chose a trumpet gown by bridal designer Amsale. It was made of silk and had cap sleeves.

Baldwin revealed the reception's top secret location, on the campus of New York University, in a text sent to 200 guests just hours before the wedding.

So why NYU? Both Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas are graduates, decades apart.

The menu included local strawberries with arugula and a choice of grilled organic chicken breast, pan-seared halibut or vegetable napoleon.

The happy couple decided to spend their honeymoon in the Big Apple. After a stroll through Washington Square Park, Thomas cuddled up on Baldwin's lap.

Hilaria Thomas was born in Spain, so they then headed to a restaurant to cheer on Spain in its big soccer victory against Italy. 

And Baldwin's reputation for blowing his stack is not going to be helped by the interview that he just gave to Vanity Fair magazine. He admits he fantasizes about killing his enemies and says he wanted to murder the lawyer of his ex-wife "with a baseball bat."

And get a load of what he dreamed of doing to the TV producer who posted that infamous voicemail of Baldwin lashing out at then 11-year-old Ireland. He told the magazine, "I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him, and I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes."  

So, what do we know about the new Mrs. Baldwin? Hilaria is 28 years old, 26 years younger than her groom, and she's a top yoga instructor.

She'll need all the inner peace she can muster in her life with angry Alec.