INSIDE EDITION Finds Mystery Security Team Outside Katie Holmes New York Apartment

As new details emerge in the divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, INSIDE EDITION cameras found a mystery security team outside the New York apartment where Holmes is living with daughter Suri.

Three beefy guys are members of a mystery security team who are staking out the luxury apartment building where Katie Holmes has been holed up since filing for divorce from Tom Cruise.

INSIDE EDITION's camera reveal that they appear to be armed. The outline of what seems to be a holster and handgun in one of the men's pants can be seen.  

And INSIDE EDITION found that an apparently homeless man outside the apartment building may not be homeless at all. He was spotted taking photographs, and hurried away when he saw our crew.  

The team sat in two white Cadillac Escalades for hour after hour over the weekend, and this morning, one of the SUVs, with Tennessee plates, returned to continue the stake-out.

INSIDE EDITION asked, "Who are you guys working with?"

They're tight-lipped about who they're working for, but the New York Post and the Daily News report they're heavies sent by the Church of Scientology. The church, however, denies that, saying: "There is no truth whatsoever to the report that the Church of Scientology has sent anyone to follow or surveil Katie Holmes."

Holmes rented the spacious apartment in the building on 7th Avenue in Manhattan just weeks before she filed for divorce, and it's becoming her gilded cage. She has her food sent up from a Whole Foods supermarket. And she has some celebrity friends she can break the isolation with.

And INSIDE EDITION is learning new information about the shocking divorce. People magazine, in a cover story on news stands today, says Holmes did not want Suri to be raised as a Scientologist.

J.D. Heyman of People magazine told INSIDE EDITION, "There have been lots of reports, certainly sources around them both say there were some issues around the education of their daughter and the way she was going to be brought up. It may prove to be one of the major reasons for the split."

Her escape from her unhappy marriage was planned like a secret military operation. Her father, who is a noted divorce lawyer from Ohio, flew in and took control, reportedly firing key employees suspected of being loyal to Cruise.

One of the last photographs of them together was taken just two weeks ago in Iceland where Cruise is shooting a new movie. Holmes looks worn, haggard, and worried in the photo. Did she knows what was about to happen? Cruise apparently had no idea. He was said to be blindsided by the divorce  filing.

Holmes wants to fight Cruise in the New York courts, but Cruise is demanding the case be heard in California, where it is more difficult for her to win sole custody of their daughter Suri.

Divorce attorney Debra Opri told INSIDE EDITION, "New York is more favorable to the mother in today's times, than California would be. If Katie filed there, Katie is going for the full onslaught of 'I want my child, and I want my child to be raised my way.' "

Cruise remains in Iceland his movie and Tuesday he celebrates his 50th birthday, without his family at his side.