Scientology Group Sea Org Reportedly Worried Katie Holmes

It's being reported that Katie Holmes didn't want little Suri to go through advanced training onboard the Church of Scientology ship, The Freewinds. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

She's just six years old, but already a fashion icon. Little Suri Cruise was pictured at age 2 in a pretty red dress. And earlier this year, in a stylish sparkly top and tutu.

You can understand how Katie Holmes would do everything she could to protect her adorable and very vulnerable little girl

One of the things Katie was reportedly worried about was the oceangoing Scientology group, Sea Org. Katie was said to be "terrified" that Tom would send Suri for advanced Scientology training on board the luxury liner.

A recent report paints grim new details about what allegedly goes on aboard the ship. It's name is  Freewinds, but some former Scientologists call it "The Prison Ship."

A reenactment made by an Australian TV newsmagazine program purports to show life with the Sea Orgs.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander spoke to Rick Ross, an expert on controversial groups, such as Scientology. 

Alexander asked, "If Katie Holmes is worried about Suri being put on the Freewinds ship, what would be some of her concerns? What goes on there?"

"It's staffed by Scientologists. Everything you see if prepared and presented by Scientology. In an environment like that, you cannot get any other feedback except Scientology," said Ross.

A Scientology spokesman blasted the claims of mind control and forced detention, saying "I categorically deny that. [The Freewinds] is a beautiful place. Who wouldn't want to be there?"

As for Suri being sent to Sea Org, a Scientology spokesman told INSIDE EDITION, "Nobody under the age of 16 including Suri Cruise, is allowed to join."

And the spokesman said minors over 16 need "consent of both parents" to sign up.

A gleeful Tom Cruise celebrated his 42nd birthday aboard the Freewinds. But it seems likely that his 50th birthday he celebrates Tuesday will be a lot less fun-filled.