Legal Dogfight Between the Owners of Sammy and the City

Sammy the Pomeranian, star of the internet sensation Sammy in the City, is caught in the middle of a bitter battle over the website that made him famous. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Sammy the Pomeranian is the cute internet sensation caught up in a nasty dogfight.

Sammy is the star of Sammy and the City, a popular website filled with pictures of the incredibly adorable puppy. The website has thousands of followers all over the world.

But the site's success has sparked a bitter war between Sammy's owner, Scott Smith and his ex-girlfriend.

Smith said, "Everybody fell in love with Sammy. Everybody fell in love with his adventures."

Smith started the site with his ex, Anna Camara, two years ago. Smith said she took the pictures, he did the writing.

"We were very excited. It was a very exciting thing," said Smith.

But the love didn't last. They broke up earlier this year and Smith said his ex changed the passwords to the website—locking him out.

Smith said, "Locking me out of my project, that I created, that I inspired, based on my dog—this was the biggest bamboozle I've ever seen on anyone in my life."

Now, Smith is suing his ex for a whopping $500,000. That's what he said the website is worth.

Camara sent INSIDE EDITION a statement saying that the website was her idea, that she owns the site and claims that "it never made a dime."

So while they sort it out in court, does this mean no more cute Sammy snaps? Nope. Sammy fans can get their fix at a new Facebook page just launched by Smith—it's been renamed Sammy and the World.

Sammy looks pretty relaxed for being at the center of such a vicious dog fight.