The New Restaurant Chains Sweeping the Nation

In these tough economic times, INSIDE EDITION looks at the latest trend sweeping the nation – restaurants some call, "Breastaurants." At some restaurant chains across the country, women wear skimpy outfits as they serve customers.

It's the latest business trend sweeping the nation - sexy waitresses in skimpy costumes, serving up a lot more than mouth watering dishes.

One headline said, "Breastaruant Boom."

In the tough economy, restaurants are hoping sexy waitresses will bring in customers.

Mary Caraccioli of The Money Confidante told INSIDE EDITION, "We are absolutely seeing explosion in the restaurant business in one particular category. It's this new breastaurants. These restaurants that have a real sex appeal associated with them."

Its not just Hooter's anymore. At the restaurant chain Twin Peaks, servers wear short shorts and plaid tied shirts.  

The manager of Twin Peaks said, "Business is great."

At The Tilted Kilt chain, waitresses don Celtic themed mini skirts and low cut blouses, exposing lots of bare skin.

Our cameras went one day at 5:30p.m. to The Tilted Kilt outside Philadelphia, and the place was packed, not surprisingly, with men.

One customer said, "Foods is good, but the girls make it even better."

Manager John Anderson said, "Sex appeal is what we sell here. We don't shy away from it."

Anderson said one of the requirements to work there is waitresses must fit into the costumes and wear them just right.

Tips are generous and for many of the girls, it's a part-time job to earn cash. One waitress, Christina, is pursuing a master's in nursing. Another, Nikki, is a small business owner and Brittany is a high school volleyball coach.

But across the country in Los Angeles, 23-year-old waitress, Courtney Scarmella at O'Hara's Restaurant complained about her skimpy uniform.

She said, "It was completely embarrassing, it was humiliating."

She said two days later, she was let go. But the restaurant has a different story.

Attorney Roger Lich said, "She wasn't terminated. She quit. Courtney was told by the company that she could wear any thing she wanted under the skirt - leggings, gym shorts, yoga shorts, whatever she felt was appropriate."

The breastaurant chains all say they do not like the label, but one thing is for sure, business is booming.
Caraccioli said, "They're trying to build themselves as this family friendly, sports bar restaurant, but really, it's all about the girls."