Ex-Wife of Former President of Scientology Speaks to INSIDE EDITION

The ex-wife of the former President of the Scientology speaks to INSIDE EDITION about the death of her son and about her claims that after she left Scientology her son shunned her.

She was once the first lady of Scientology, the wife of Scientology's former president.

But now, Karen de la Carriere is one of Scientology's most outspoken critics and she's speaking out about Katie Holmes' decision to divorce Tom Cruise to protect their daughter Suri from being raised as a Scientologist.   

She told INSIDE EDITION, "It's suffocating when Scientology becomes the third person in your bed. It's an intrusion. You're straightjacketed. You're not breathing fresh air."

She said that Holmes was surrounded by Scientology spies who reported on her movements to Scientology's leader, David Miscavige.

"When somebody is very high profile, Scientology spies are embedded in their inner circle," said de la Carriere.

When she made the decision to break with Scientology two years ago, her only son, Alexander, broke contact with her in a heartbreaking phone call.  

"He said, ‘Mom, never call me, never talk to me, never text me never e-mail me,'" she claimed.  

Although Alexander came from Scientology royalty, his mother said he was treated almost as a slave growing up.  

She said, "Alexander, my son, was used as slave labor. He wasn't going to school at 12 years old. He was cleaning toilets and banisters and vacuuming carpets."

She believes he was coerced into breaking all communication with her.

She said, "I will die probably and Alexander will never speak to me again. This is what Alexander chose to do. He excommunicated or disconnected from me."

But as she spoke those words to INSIDE EDITION on Thursday, she had no idea of the tragedy that was unfolding. Her 27-year-old son was already dead.

How did his mother learn of the death?  On Facebook.

He was found dead at his home on Thursday. The Los Angeles County Coroner says the cause of death is still undetermined and it's hoped toxicology tests will solve the mystery.

Outside Alexander's home on Friday was a vehicle with a license plate "TKS LRH" - standing for "Thanks L. Ron Hubbard," the founder of Scientology.  

Following news of the tragedy, Karen de la Carriere again talked with INSIDE EDITION.  

She tearfully said, "That's why Katie Holmes doesn't to be involved with Tom and the Church of Scientology."