Is Katie Holmes Scientology's Biggest Nightmare?

In the wake of Katie Holmes filing for divorce from Tom Cruise, a former Scientologist has called Katie Holmes the church's "worst nightmare." INSIDE EDITION has the story.

She looked like any mom, stocking up on milk at a Whole Foods supermarket in New York City. But now, Katie Holmes is being called the "Biggest Nightmare" in the history of Scientology, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In filing for divorce from Tom Cruise, amid reports that she doesn't want her daughter raised a Scientologist, Holmes may be the biggest PR headache the controversial church has ever faced.

Michael Fleeman of People Magazine said, "The nastier this divorce gets, the worse it'll be for Scientology. It'll be seen not just as Katie Holmes divorcing Tom Cruise, but Katie Holmes Divorcing the Church of Scientology."

INSIDE EDITION recently obtained a photo of what's being called "The Last Supper." It's a photo said to be the last meal Holmes and Cruise shared, just 3 weeks before the split heard round the world. In it, Holmes looked miserable as she dined with Cruise at a sushi restaurant in Iceland where he's filming a new movie.

Recently, Holmes was looking content as she headed back to her apartment from the market with a bodyguard by her side.

Holmes' famous neighbors at the posh apartment building where she now lives in Manhattan don't seem too thrilled about all the attention they're getting since Holmes has moved into the building.

When Sex and the City's Kyle McLaughlin was asked, "What do you think of Katie living in the building," all he could do was shake his head.

We're learning more about just how ugly the divorce is getting. Holmes reportedly fired Cruise's adopted 19-year-old daughter Isabella, who worked for Holmes' fashion line.

"She was fired out of the blue. Katie didn't want Bella working for her anymore because she was Tom's kid," a source told The Hollywood Reporter.

Fleeman told INSIDE EDITION, "Katie made a complete and clean break from Tom Cruise. She moved out of their apartment, she took off her wedding ring, she changed her cell phone, and most importantly, she fired all of the people around her who were hired by Tom."

Holmes took Suri for afternoon tea at Alice's Tea Cup and Suri carried bags of toys and goodies home from the shop. Holmes was even wearing a pendant that says "S" for Suri.