Jose Baez Advises Casey Anthony to Leave the Country

INSIDE EDITION sat down with Casey Anthony's former defense attorney, Jose Baez, to discuss his new book about the Casey Anthony trial.

Leave the country, Casey.

That's the advice for Casey Anthony, from none other than the lawyer who got her off a murder rap, Jose Baez.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Baez, "Is it possible for her to lead a normal life here in America, where she really is known as one of the most hated women?"

"I don't know if it's possible here. Unfortunately people aren't as open minded or forgiving," Baez replied.

Anthony is still in hiding and on probation. She can't leave Florida. But next month, she'll be free to go where she pleases.

Baez told Boyd one foreign destination he suggested to Anthony during her trial, saying, "I brought it up more than once. [I said] 'Maybe you should go to Greece and rent mopeds like in The Bourne Identity.'"

That's right, he's suggesting she does like Matt Damon's girlfriend from The Bourne Identity, and lie low on an idyllic Greek island.

Baez has written a new book called Presumed Guilty. It details how he raised enough reasonable doubt to get Casey Anthony acquitted of murdering her two-year-old daughter Caylee. A verdict that made him one of America's best known defense lawyers overnight.

"How has this case changed your life?" Boyd asked Baez.

"There are days that stand like bookmarks in your life. The day I received the call from Casey Anthony divided everything that came before and everything thereafter," relied Baez.

Baez no longer represents Anthony. He says he wanted to move on from the case that made his name.

"Did Casey Anthony fire you? Or did you step back from representing her?" Asked Boyd.

"No, no, no. It was a situation where I was ready to move on, there was really nothing for me to represent her in, or for me to be fired from. I won her case, she didn't have any more criminal cases pending, her civil cases are being handled by another lawyer, her appeal is being handled by another lawyer, so there's nothing to fire and there's nothing to quit," said Baez

In his book, Baez finally revealed the top-secret location where he hid Anthony after she was released from jail.

Contrary to reports at the time that she was in Arizona or California, Baez says he actually flew her to St. George Island, a sleepy resort off the Florida panhandle. She lived there in a rented house.

Despite all the public hostility that continues to rain down on Anthony, Baez insists the not guilty verdict was fair.

"There was never ever any evidence of a murder," said Baez.