Reality TV Host Injured On Set

The host of Sell This House: Extreme was injured after a mirror came crashing down on his head. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

The TV show Sell This House: Extreme is not kidding with the extreme part.

"It looks like I got beat up by someone, and I did! I had a fight with a mirror and it kicked my ass," said host Charlie Frattini.

Frattini was taking down a large mounted wall mirror in Miami when part of it came crashing down on his head. Now, he is sporting one nasty gash.

"The swelling has gone down, but I got a 5-inch gash, and there was lots of blood," said Frattini.

Frattini took pictures moments after the accident that show quite a bit of blood and stitches.

The injury was no joke. Frattini received two black eyes. He's now recovering and is already moving on to his next project.