Magazine Takes Satirical Aim At British Economy Using Kate Middleton's Teeth

A magazine took a satirical swipe at the declining British economy using a mock image of Princess Kate's decaying, rotting teeth. Some are saying the image is outrageous, INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

You've never seen Kate Middleton with yellow, rotting teeth.

A photoshopped image, which turned Middleton's pearly whites into a nasty mess, appeared on the cover of the magazine, The New Republic.

It was intended to represent the decaying state of the British economy for it's cover story "Something's Rotten. The Last Days of Britain."

But many are outraged that the beautiful princess is being portrayed in such an unflattering way.

"Outrage at Kate Middleton's Rotting Teeth!" read one headline. And "Kate's Rotting Teeth Raise a Storm," said another.

And many are taking to the internet to express their anger.

"Cheap shot," one blogger wrote, "They know she will remain dignified and not say a word, allowing them to get away with it."

But, another wrote, "It's satire, get over it!"

The princess seemed to be taking the whole controversy in stride. Over the weekend she was having a ball with her sister Pippa. They shared front row seats in the Royal box at Wimbledon. It was a rare sighting of the two sisters together.