Justin Bieber's Urgent 911 Call

A city councilman called the cops on Justin Bieber over a high speed chase where the pop star tried to avoid the paparazzi. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.  

It's Justin Bieber calling 911 from his luxury sports car.

911 Operator: 911 emergency, what are you reporting?

Bieber: Hello, I have like, five cars following me.

Bieber: This is crazy.

Bieber said he was being followed by three cars, all driven by paparazzi.

Bieber: They're being very dangerous, swerving around other cars trying to get to me.

Bieber made the call after he was pulled over by police for allegedly speeding on a Los Angeles freeway.

The man who called the cops on Bieber was Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine.

"When I say this car passed me at approximately 100 miles an hour, that's not an exaggeration. It was flying by," said Zine.

Zine knows what he's talking about—he's a former LAPD motorcycle officer.

"If I was still on a police motorcycle, chasing him, endangering my life, I would have arrested him. This was clearly disregard for everyone on the road," said Zine.

Bieber was actually cited for going 80 miles an hour. After he was ticketed, he got back on the road—but the paparazzi continued to follow him.

Bieber: Before I was driving fast so that I could try to get away from them.

911 Operator: Right. 

Bieber: And I got pulled over myself. That's the craziest thing ever. And I tried to explain it. And then when I tried to explain it to the police officers they were being very, like, not nice about it. They were just like, 'Well, you wave your right to privacy because you're a celebrity.'

There was also a bizarre moment during the call, when Bieber gave a phony name to the 911 operator.

911 Operator: And what's your name?

Bieber: Justin.

911 Operator: What's your last name?

Bieber: Um, Johnson.

In case you're wondering where he came up with that, Johnson is the name of his pet boa constrictor.

And there was another notable interchange.

911 Operator: What type of car are you in?

Bieber: I'm in a Fisker.

911 Operator: A what?

Bieber: A Fisker. F-I-S-K-E-R.

911 Operator: What kind of car is that?

Bieber: It's a—a Fisker.

Who could blame the operator for not knowing what a Fisker was?

Bieber received the $120,000 Fisker Karma as an 18th birthday present from his manager on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Bieber customized it with chrome plating.

And Bieber's manager says Bieber wasn't driving that fast, and the councilman who called 911 is just "looking for a headline."

"If his people want to cover for him, maybe they should protect him, instead of pointing the finger at me, a public figure who's trying to protect the public," said Zine.