Man Talks To His 12-Year-Old Self In YouTube Sensation

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the man taking the internet by storm in his video interview with his 12-year-old self.  

Talk about thinking ahead! 20 years ago, Jeremiah McDonald—then a 12-year-old kid—was obsessed with his new video camera and made a tape of himself.

There was one condition: it had to be watched in the future.    

Fast forward from 1992 to today. Now 32-years-old, McDonald has put together a conversation between his young self and his current self. The result is a YouTube sensation.

"You're interviewing yourself, look at you!" said the young McDonald.

"You—you left the tape!" replied the older McDonald.

The young McDonald burps, and the older McDonald rolls his eyes and responds, "Oh, charming. No wonder I'm single."

As of today, the video has nearly six million hits after being online for just four days.

"I had no concept that anyone would ever see the video that I was shooting. It was purely for my own enjoyment. This just shot up," said McDonald.

The young McDonald asked about his boyhood dog.

"Is Molly still alive?" asked the young McDonald.

"Is Molly still alive? No. Dogs don't live that long," replied the older McDonald.

"Oh. And what about Leon?" asked the young McDonald.

"Are all your questions going to be about pets?" asked the older McDonald. 

"Yes," replied the young McDonald.

"Then the answer is, they're all dead," replied the older McDonald.

And the 12-year-old wants to know if he is still a sci-fi geek. He is, but won't admit it.

"Life before the internet is kind of a blur to me," said the older McDonald.

"What?" asked the younger McDonald.

"The internet. It's a—you'll know what it is in a few years," replied the older McDonald.

The 32-year-old McDonald is a struggling comedian and filmmaker who makes ends meet as a parking lot attendant.

"I had been sitting on this footage for years, so I thought 2012 should be the year that I do the definitive version," said McDonald.