More Details About Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce Settlement

INSIDE EDITION is learning more details about the quick divorce settlement between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and what it means for their daughter, Suri.

New details are emerging about the divorce settlement reached by Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

6-year-old Suri will spend most of her time with her mother in New York. She will no longer be home-schooled and will be enrolled in a private school in the fall.

Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz told INSIDE EDITION, "In terms of going to school, new friends can be great support to a child."

Tuesday's headlines said Katie comes out the clear winner after outwitting Cruise and his high-powered legal team.

People magazine's Suzanne Zuckerman told INSIDE EDITION, "Tom was blindsided. He did not see this divorce coming. He is normally a superstar who is incredibly in control of everything in his life. This was a filing that knocked him back on his heels."

One key provision reportedly prevents tom from even discussing Scientology with Suri during visits.

The speed with which a deal was struck shows Holmes and Cruise were determined to spare Suri the trauma of a bitter divorce battle.  

Dr. Saltz said, "This is a great example for people. I hope that more celebrities follow suit. I hope that more people in general follow suit. You know, I often recommend finding a mediator to help you resolve the legal issues and so on, so that you can quickly move to the separation and leave the contentiousness behind."

Another factor which helped speed up the negotiations was that most of the money issues were already settled in an ironclad prenuptial agreement. Holmes gets a reported $15 million, thats $3 million for every year of their marriage.

Lawyer Kelly Chang Rickett told INSIDE EDITION, "I do believe the prenup was one of the key factors in settling this at rocket speed."

Scientology leader, David Miscavige, who was best man at Cruise and Holmes' wedding, reportedly pressed Cruise to make a quick deal.

The 50-year-old star was back on the set of his sci-fi movie Tuesday in Mammoth Lakes, California.

The divorce deal is now providing plenty of fodder for the late night comics.

David Letterman joked, "He announced the divorce by jumping up and down on Oprah's couch."

Jay Leno even joked, "You probably know by now that Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise. You know I got to be honest, I didn't think Rock of Ages was that bad!"