Katie Holmes Returns to Catholic Church

In her latest move to begin a new life after Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has reportedly gone back to her Catholic roots, and is launching a new clothing line. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.    

Katie Holmes is back in the arms of the Catholic Church. She has reportedly registered at a Parish church near her home in Manhattan.

It's the church of St. Francis Xavier. A member of the choir told the Huffington Post, "Everyone is thrilled to have Katie join us. She will be welcomed with open arms."

Holmes was raised Catholic, and joining the congregation appears to be her way of severing ties to the controversial Church of Scientology.

Holmes is also searching for a private school for Suri, who, until now, was homeschooled. Among the possibilities: the tony Spence School on Manhattan's Upper East Side and the Lycee Francais, where Angelina Jolie sent her children.

We're learning more about how Holmes was able to plan her divorce from Cruise in complete secrecy. The Los Angeles Times reports that the subterfuge included using throwaway cell phones to talk to her attorneys so that Cruise or her Scientology handlers wouldn't find out.

The new cover story in People magazine—on newsstands Friday—says it all happened so fast-and-furious that Cruise's head was spinning.

People magazine's Carlos Greer told INSIDE EDITION that, "Tom was in Iceland filming Oblivion, and he was doing one of his infamous stunts, and he was on a motorcycle, and the crew was watching, and then he got the call from Katie that she was filing for divorce. He was completely shocked."

People reports, he keeps asking, "What's happening?"

The last straw for Holmes apparently came in a fight over how to discipline Suri.

A source was quoted as saying, "Katie tried to discipline Suri...But one of Tom's Scientology handlers stepped in and said they couldn't let her do that, and they would have to call Tom."

Attorney Kelly Chang Rickert told INSIDE EDITION, "Perhaps she didn't know how intense this religion was until she was right smack in the middle of it, but she was well aware before she married Tom, that this religion was out there, and it consumed him."

And now that Cruise is single again, it's inevitable that he would be linked with the leading lady in his new movie—Olga Kurylenko. But she's denying reports of a romance.

Cruise has been seen on the set of his latest movie in California—no longer wearing his wedding ring.