Olympic Team USA Uniforms Spark Criticism

Berets are back for the U.S. Olympic teams and the new design has some asking, what are we? French? INSIDE EDITION has the story.

"Land of free, home of beret!"

That's the headline in today's New York Post after the official Olympic uniforms of Team USA were finally unveiled.

And the first reviews are not good. The outfits seem better suited for French Olympians than the good ole USA.

"How many people in the US have you ever seen wear a beret?" tweeted one critic.

"What the France?" tweeted another.

In a poll on INSIDE EDITION's Facebook page, 57% of respondents said they do not like the berets.

Ralph Lauren designed the ensembles and said they embody "the spirit of American athleticism and sportsmanship."

Female Olympians will wear white skirts, blue blazers and scarves with their berets. The male version includes a preppy tie.

Fashion expert Phillip Bloch told INSIDE EDITION, "It's very mariner, it's very nautical. I think people are very upset because they feel that it's too French, or it's too British looking, and it's got a beret. But Ralph Lauren is not designing anything that is not all-American."

At the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Team USA sported a more rugged, athletic look with knit caps.

In 2008 in Beijing, Americans wore pageboy caps.

Olympic berets aren't new. The Americans also wore them in Salt Lake City in 2002.

And at least one American athlete, fencer Tim Morehouse, is loving the threads he'll wear in London.    

On the Today show yesterday, Morehouse said "It's a nice hat."