Mary Kennedy's Body Exhumed and Moved to Another Grave

Robert Kennedy, Jr. ordered Mary Kennedy's body to be exhumed and moved to a remote area of a cemetery, far away from the Kennedy clan. Even more shocking, Mary's family reportedly knew nothing about the sudden move. INSIDE EDITION has the stor

No rest in peace for Robert Kennedy Junior's estranged wife, Mary.

INSIDE EDITION is now learning that Mary Kennedy's new grave site is marked only by a statue of the Virgin Mary and a pair of small American flags.  

Her body was dug up and quietly moved last week under Bobby junior's orders and is off by itself in a remote part of St. Francis Xavier cemetery in Massachusetts.

Mary's grave is now 700 feet away from where other members of the Kennedy family are buried.

The New York Daily News headline said: "Mary Dug Up" and quoted a cemetery manager as saying Bobby Jr., "Didn't realize how crowded the area was until after the funeral. He opted for an area of the cemetery where there is room for future expansion."

Bobby Kennedy Junior didn't respond to our request for comment about moving his estranged wife's body.

He won a bitter court fight with her family over where she would be buried and the lawyer for Mary's family said they're shocked that her body has been dug up and moved.

"It was done without (the family's) knowledge or consultation," the lawyer told INSIDE EDITION.

The 52-year-old Mary Kennedy committed suicide in May by hanging herself in the barn of her mansion in Westchester, New York. She'd battled alcoholism for years and autopsy results showed prescription anti-depressant drugs in her system.  

Bobby Jr. filed for divorce in 2010 and has been dating Curb your Enthusiasm actress Cheryl Hines. The couple was photographed just this past weekend at a Kennedy family wedding on Cape Cod.  

Mary's original burial site is now covered over with dirt and was close to other Kennedy family members like Eunice and Sergeant Shriver. Her grave now is off by itself and all alone.