Mick Jagger Biography Adds Pippa Middleton To List of Women He Fancied

Mick Jagger is considered rock star royalty, but a new biography reveals details of his relationships with Britain's Royal family. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Mick Jagger is considered rock and roll royalty, and after the engagement of William and Kate was announced, the notorious womanizer found himself at a party dancing with the bride-to-be.

According to the new book, Mick: the Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger, by author Christopher Anderson, "Jagger hit the dance floor with Kate, but even he was not about to make moves on the woman who had captured William's heart.  Kate's attractive younger sister, Pippa, was another matter."
According to the book, witnesses later saw Jagger with Pippa, and rumors flew that they were having an affair.

Jagger was said to be deeply disappointed that he wasn't invited to the royal wedding last year, especially because Elton John was invited.

The late Princess Diana was a huge Rolling Stones fan.

Anderson told INSIDE EDITION, "Diana wanted to invite Mick Jagger over to Kensington Palace for tea."

But Diana's husband, Prince Charles, knew all about Jagger's reputation as a hound dog, and put the brakes on the visit.

"Charles, completely aware of Mick's womanizing reputation, especially his fondness for these tall, leggy blondes, said 'No, you can have Phil Collins," said Anderson.

The book says Jagger lobbied to be made a Knight but the Queen didn't approve of him.

Anderson said, "She just didn't think it sent the right message, and after being asked by Tony Blair five times in a row to knight Mick Jagger, bestow a knighthood on him, she finally relents."

However, on the day Jagger was finally knighted, the Queen asked Prince Charles to do the duties. Jagger accepted the honor with his father and two of his daughters on hand.

Anderson told INSIDE EDITION, "[Jagger] referred to the Queen as England's Chief Witch."