David Copperfield Speaks Out About Rape Accusations

David Copperfield opens up about a discredited claim that he sexually assaulted a female fan on one of his private islands. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

David Copperfield is finally speaking out about the accusation that cast a shadow over his reputation as the world's best known magician.

"I was the victim," said Copperfield.   

Copperfield sat down for a rare interview with Oprah Winfrey on one of his private islands in the Bahamas. She was hesitant to bring up the now discredited claim that in 2007 he sexually assaulted a female fan.

During the interview, Oprah said, "I'm reluctant to bring it up, but I'm only bringing it up for all the people who would say 'you didn't ask him about a woman who said she was assaulted.'"
Former beauty queen Lacey Carroll told cops that Copperfield attacked her on his $50 million dollar tropical paradise. He invited her to the islands after spotting her in the audience at one of his magic shows in Washington State.

But there were always questions about the accuser's credibility. She was captured on surveillance video in a hotel lobby kissing a man whom she later accused of rape. Police charged her with prostitution and making a false rape accusation, charges that were later dropped.

Copperfield told Oprah, "When the truth comes out that she was arrested, not me, finally things come to light."

No charges were ever brought against Copperfield. Lacey Carroll filed a civil suit against Copperfield but dropped it.

"To be falsely acused of something that horrendous is devastating," said Copperfield.

In a lighter moment from the interview, Copperfield drove Oprah around on a golf cart, and one of his peacocks enchanted the queen of talk.