Video Shows Killer's Elaborate Hideaway

Months after a man killed his wife and daughter before turning the gun on himself, a chilling video is released of the madman plotting the entire tragedy. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A video has been released showing the final testimony of an evil monster. It's the video diary of Peter Keller, the survivalist who, after slaughtering his wife and daughter, escaped to a hidden bunker outside North Bend, Washington.

The video revealed that he spent years building the elaborate multi-level lair and plotting his family's end.

Keller said on the video, "I may get caught right away, if I get caught I'll just shoot myself. I could be dead in two weeks or three weeks, it's all up to chance at this point."

Keller was well prepared. He had hauled thousands of pounds of supplies to the remote mountain hideout.

"I can last months up here without leaving. [I've] got propane, gasoline, food." said Keller.

He explained the motivation behind his insane, despicable plan. It seems he was bored of his hum-drum life and dreamed of being an outlaw.

He said, "It's getting to the point where just trying to live, and pay bills, and live as a civilian, and go to work freak me out. It's more comfortable for me to think about living out here, robbing banks, pharmacies, taking what I want for as long as I can. At least it will be exciting. It won't be boring."

Two weeks later, Keller shot and killed his wife and daughter and set the family home on fire. He escaped to his bunker, but cops tracked him down. That's when he made good on his vow to never be taken alive.
He had said, "I do have my escape, and that's death. I can always shoot myself and I'm okay with that."