Advice For Katie From the Great-Grandson of Scientology's Founder

INSIDE EDITION sat down with the great grandson of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, who says why many have turned their back on the controversial church.

Words of support and encouragement for Katie Holmes are coming from an unlikely source.

"She is one of the few people who can leave Scientology with her sanity and most of her money intact," said Jame DeWolf, the great-grandson of the man who founded Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard himself.

"If you could talk to Katie Holmes one-on-one, what advice would you give her?" Asked INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

"I would apologize for what my great-grandfather has done, and I would commend her for escaping while she still can," answered DeWolf.

He said that Holmes' decision to keep a high profile for herself and Suri is her best protection from any attempt to lure them back to Scientology.

"The last thing they want is someone as powerful as Katie Holmes walking in front of a microphone and unloading everything she saw behind the curtain," said DeWolf.

DeWolf had harsh words for his great grandfather, who is revered as a prophet by Tom Cruise and other Scientologists, who refer to him by his initials, LRH.

"He's one of the most successful conman of the last century," said DeWolf about his great-grandfather, though Scientologists say he is mankind's greatest friend.

DeWolf is a preformance artist, who regularly mocks Scientology in his stage performances.

He was never a Scientologist himself, but he got a tattoo of a Scientology symbol to remind him of his family's controversial legacy.

DeWolf joked, "It's already in my DNA, it's already in my blood, so why not mark it on my flesh?"

He believes that Scientology clashed with Holmes' determination to be a traditional mom to Suri.

"I don't think you can be a traditional mom in Scientology. I think it's impossible," said DeWolf.

He said he believes Holmes' fight for Suri has only just begun.

DeWolf told Moret, "Katie Holmes has seen enough behind the curtain to know that she has to fight for her daughter's mind."