Tiger Swings at the Masters

The crowd went wild as Tiger Woods took his first swing on the golf course at the Masters tournament. Meanwhile, a former mistress of Tiger is stripping at a nearby club in Augusta. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

With the whole world watching, Tiger Woods returns to golf with one big swing. The crowd went wild as Tiger teed off at 1:42 pm at the Masters tournament in Augusta.

It was like the Super Bowl and Oscars all rolled into one. Tight security surrounded Tiger. A source at cbssports.com said earlier this week one security guard reportedly approached a woman spectator earlier this week asking, "Ma'am, are you the stripper?" He then produced pictures of Tiger's many mistresses, saying, "We've just got to be extra careful."

Even as he tries to rebuild his image, Tiger is facing withering criticism from none other than Masters chairman Billy Payne.

"He disappointed all of us. And more importantly, our kids and our grand kids," said Payne.

But Tiger was greeted with nothing but cheers and had a big smile as he teed off at Augusta on Thursday.

While Tiger is earning his keep at Augusta, across the interstate one of his former mistresses, Josyln James, is stripping at the Pink Pony in Atlanta. We caught up with James as she rehearsed and asked if she would be watching Tiger's big return to golf.

"Every time golf is on TV now, I click and change and try to find something else," said James.