Subway Riders Apprehend Man Who Allegedly Groped A Woman

After a woman was allegedly groped on a subway car in New York City, Good Samaritans leapt into action to hold the suspect until police arrived. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a caught-on-tape moment on a New York City subway as citizens took matters into their own hands to defend a total stranger.

Riders on a crowded subway in Brooklyn sprung into action when a woman claimed a man had groped her.  

The woman screamed, "He groped me on the train! He groped me! Call the police!"

The suspect held on to a pole for dear life as two Good Samaritans tried to drag him off the train. The suspect was put into a headlock, pushed out the door, and pinned to the ground.

All the passengers erupted into cheers after the Samaritans had him off the train and onto the platform floor.

Moments later, cops arrived and handcuffed the 30-year-old suspect, who has pleaded not guilty to sex abuse.

New Yorkers have a history of not putting up with alleged gropers. In another instance that was posted on the web, a man flashed a woman on a subway car and she reacted by bringing the man to a police station.

In the latest case of subway justice, the witness who shot the video said, "It's inspiring to see a train car of strangers agree that it's not cool to let this kind of thing slide."