7-Year-Old Caught After Falling Off Air Conditioning Unit

A 7-year-old girl danced on top of an air conditioner outside of her apartment window—and took a horrifying fall. Luckily, a heroic neighbor was there to catch her. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

It was a heart-stopping moment—a 7-year-old girl danced on top of an air conditioner, and then took a fall.

It happened when little Keyla McCree crawled out of the window of her apartment building in Brooklyn, New York, and began performing a song and dance routine on top of the air conditioning unit.  

In video of the incident, astonished neighbors can be heard screaming as Keyla, who is autistic, takes the plunge.

The humble hero who caught little Keyla is a city bus driver, and his name is Steve St. Bernard.

"Anybody who has a heart would have done just what I did," said St. Bernard.

Yes, St. Bernard, as in the dog breed famous for its rescues.

His arm was hurt when he caught the little girl, but he was back watering the garden Tuesday and being congratulated by neighbors.

"It's a natural instinct as a parent. I did want to make sure that I was there if she fell, and I was there," said St. Bernard.

In the video, St. Bernard can be seen positioning himself in just the right spot before the little girl falls—and lands in his arms.

One blogger wrote, "Health, wealth and happiness to Mr. St. Bernard. A true hero!"

"Awesome catch. she is so lucky that he was there to catch her," said another.

Now, the entire world can watch and wonder at this hero in action.