Comedienne Lisa Lampanelli's Dramatic Weight Loss

INSIDE EDITION spoke with comedienne Lisa Lampanelli about her decision to have a gastric band implanted so she can lose the weight she has battled with most of her life.  

There's a lot less of comedienne Lisa Lampanelli to love these days. She's lost a whopping 60 pounds.

Lampanelli is best known as the hilarious insult queen in stand-ups and those Comedy Central roasts. But, behind the laughs, she was deeply bothered by her weight.

"Oh my God, from ages 18 and up I don't think there was one day that I felt good about how I looked," she told INSIDE EDITION.  

She decided to make a change and underwent gastric sleeve surgery, that shrinks the size of her stomach.

She said, "They probably remove like 85% of your stomach, which is a good thing 'cause mine is now the size of a normal person's."

Her husband, Jimmy Cannizzaro decided to undergo the surgery right after his wife did.

Cannizzaro told INSIDE EDITION, "I said, ‘You do the surgery first. If you live, I'll do it.' "

Lampanelli then joked, "Isn't that loving? Is that sweet?"

Now, when they have dinner at their favorite restaurant, Fiorello's in Manhattan, they can only eat two bites of food.

When we went with them, it was one bite of a meatball, and then one bite of chocolate mouse, and that was it.

Relaxing at New York's Gansevoort Hotel, Lampanelli said it was all worth it.

"I fit into clothes I have not fit into in ten years. That's exciting," she said.