Spoiled Brat Makes a Life Change

INSIDE EDITION talks to the spoiled brat whose life changed when she went from Manhattan's ritzy Upper East Side to the slums of India.

She's the spoiled brat from hell! 15-year-old Taylor Jackson whines, "Why would you do that mommy? I was making it!"

She screams at her parents, "I didn't ask for that!"

This teen monster is so spoiled that her mom, Tracey, decided to make a documentary about her over-privileged upbringing on Manhattan's ritzy Upper East Side. It's called Lucky Ducks.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked Tracey, "How bad was she?"

"You spoiled your daughter rotten. You have to take some responsibility for that," Boyd said to Tracey.

"I take total, complete, 100 per cent responsibility for spoiling her," said Tracey.

But you won't believe the plan she came up with to turn Taylor's attitude around.

"I decided to send her to the slums of India," said Tracey.

Incredibly, in just a few days, the teen monster begins a remarkable transformation.

"I really threw myself into the situation and I started getting to know the kids and really working with them, really doing what I was there to do," Taylor said.

Today, the former over-indulged brat has grown into a far more considerate 18-year-old college freshman, who appreciates the blessings she's had in life.

"I really feel like a completely different person," said Taylor.