Did Dental Surgery Play a Role in Sage Stallone's Death?

Sage Stallone's mother, Sasha Czack, is breaking her silence and revealed that dental surgery may have been a factor in her son's sudden passing. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Sage Stallone was in excruciating pain when he died, due to dental surgery. That's what his heartbroken mom said on Tuesday, in her first public comments since his death.

Sasha Czack revealed that Sage had five teeth extracted.

"I told him not to do that. I've heard about people dying, having multiple procedures done to your mouth. Do not have more than one tooth [pulled]," she told The New York Post.

When asked if her son was on painkillers after the procedure, Czack said, "Wouldn't you be?"

George Braunstein was Sage Stallone's attorney for 17 years. He said Sage's teeth had rotted because he drank a lot of soda.

Braunstein told INSIDE EDITION, "He drank a lot of soda and ate a lot of candy bars."

As Sage's famous father, Sylvester Stallone, grieves, he is coming under fire after his nephew blasted the actor on Facebook, accusing him of neglecting his son. He claimed the star ignored Sage's phone calls on his birthday, July 6, and Sly did not return the call. 

Sly's nephew, Edd Filiti posted, "What did he do wrong, say happy birthday? ...he could return a phone call, which is all he wanted."

Filiti removed the post minutes later.

'I made a mistake. It is a very emotional time and I vented my feelings,' he explained. 'I never meant to insult my uncle.'

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked Braunstein, "What what his relationship like with his dad?"

Braunstein responded, "He never said a cross word about his dad to me. He loved his father, he was extremely proud of him."

INSIDE EDITION learned that the Los Angeles Police Departed has assigned a robbery homicide division to investigate Sage Stallone's death. This is considered routine in high profile cases and does not mean that cops think the cause of death was suspicious. They reportedly want to talk to the doctors who prescribed all those pills found at his home.