Man Gives $500 Tip for a Pizza

INSIDE EDITION caught up with the man who fulfilled his late brother's dying wish by giving a pizza waitress a $500 tip…and that's just the beginning of his generosity.

The moment a waitress got the surprise of her life—a $500 tip, was all caught on camera.

"Are you kidding me?" she exclaimed.

The dumbfounded waitress had to fan herself to recover from the shock. So why the stunning act of generosity by a complete stranger?

The happy scene was actually the result of a tragedy. Just a few days ago, 30-year-old Aaron Collins passed away. But his brother, Seth says he left behind some very special instructions.

"Leave an awesome tip for a waiter or waitress," Aaron wrote. "And I don't mean 25 percent. I mean $500."

Aaron told INSIDE EDITION, "I wanted to make that happen for him."

Aaron didn't leave a fortune, so his family asked for donations from  well-wishers. And they raised a staggering $42,000 to make his dream come true.

Seth decided to start a website called where people from all over the world could donate funds to make Aaron's wish come true. 

The first stop was a local pizza parlour in their hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. The day Seth dropped in with the big surprise, a video camera was rolling. Waitress Sarah Ward had no idea what was going to happen next.

"She comes over and asks our drink orders and then we all immediately know we're giving this girl $500," said Seth.

At the end of the meal, Ward brought the check, and that's when Seth sprung the surprise.

Ward said, "I'm handed $500 dollars. Complete shock."

Seth explained to Ward that the massive tip was his brother's last wish. Sarah gave Seth a huge hug.

"It was really a sweet thing that they've done for a complete stranger," said Ward.

Two million people have watched the video of Sarah Ward getting the cash on YouTube. Seth says that's something that would make his brother smile.

As for the rest of the cash the family raised in Aaron's name, Seth said, "I'm going to keep giving it away until there's nothing left."