Late Night Comics Poke Fun At Obama "Kiss Cam"

The late night comics are having a field day over President Obama and first lady Michelle being captured on the "Kiss Cam." INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

People are still talking about the Obamas' turn on the "Kiss Cam."

You'll recall, they didn't kiss at first. They got booed and then they got a do-over. So you had to expect the late night comics would have a field day with their uncensored versions of the kiss.

Jimmy Kimmel said, "The Obamas got another shot at the "Kiss Cam" later in the game. And this time, spit was suitably swapped."

Kimmel then showed a joke "uncensored" "Kiss Cam" video.

Conan O'Brian showed a similar video on his show, and declared: "That's a healthy marriage."

"The "Kiss Cam"! The only thing that the most powerful leaders in the world bend to. It's one more reason to be thankful Al Gore was never president," said Jon Stewart.