Man Allegedly Threw Wild Teen Parties at Homes of Unsuspecting Owners

A 25-year-old man allegedly rented lavish homes under false pretenses and threw wild parties for teenagers who paid hefty admission fees to get in. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Lucy Sachs said her spectacular mansion in one of the nation's swankiest towns was turned into a teen party house when she rented it to an alleged con man, 25-year-old Lee Hnetinka.

He threw wild parties that looked like a scene out of the recent movie, Project X.

Sachs told INSDIE EDITION, "They are drinking, they are smoking pot. I go upstairs there were tons of kids in every bedroom."

Sachs said she found out what was going on because her neighbors in the village of East Hampton, New York, were outraged, and called the cops.

"I walk in the kitchen and there are kids everywhere," she continued, "So, I get upstairs and a number of the rooms were closed, but one was open and it was a sea of kids."

She said her horror story started when Lee Hnetinka approached her about renting out her multi-million dollar mansion for the month of June.

"He was very smooth, definitely a smooth talker," she claimed.  

She said he told her he was renting it for his family reunion. But cops said he rented it to throw wild graduation and prom parties. Each teen was charged $350.

But this homeowner wasn't the only one Hnetinka allegedly scammed, cops said. According to estimates, the young man allegedly made more than $700,000 this summer alone, renting out 10 spectacular Hamptons homes—then re-renting them to teenagers for parties.

Eli Braha rented out his charming home to Hnetinka for the summer.

Braha said, "Lee's a scam artist. Had I known what he was going to do, I never would have leased the house to him."

He said garbage bags were piled high, his flat screen TV's were ripped off the walls. It took days to clean up the mess.

Braha said, "What he did was dangerous. He enabled kids to drink."

Hnetinka has pleaded not guilty to renting homes under false pretenses.

Looks like for now, the party's over.