Concern For Suri Over Paparazzi Attention

Little Suri Cruise has been trying to hide from the paparazzi as they relentlessly follow Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. INSIDE EDITION reports on the media frenzy through a child's eyes.

There's growing concern about the impact all the paparazzi attention is having on adorable 6-year-old, Suri Cruise.

There was one moment at gymnastics class where Suri thought she was free of the cameras and played happily. But then she spotted the ever-present photographers and ran to hide.

Psychotherapist Wendy Walsh said, "This must be terrifying for a 6-year-old. Can you imagine the fear and the trauma? It's like monsters chasing you all the time."

Often, Suri can be seen cringing as she faces the photographers. She will peek out with one eye but quickly hide her face again.  

"This is heartbreaking for me, to see a child cowering and hiding and displaying fear," said Walsh.

Some people wonder why Cruise and ex-wife Katie Holmes are allowing their little girl to be seen in public during their high profile divorce.

Dr. Nancy Snyderman said on the Today show, "I've heard from people who know their entourage. They say they were seen in Central Park, people were notified ahead of time, it was very orchestrated. I don't think those photos happened accidentally."

Maybe Tom Cruise has finally had enough. Today INSIDE EDITION saw his belongings, including Suri's toy stroller, being hauled away from their trendy hotel, apparently to a more secluded spot.

In addition to the psychological impact, there's also potential physical danger to Suri. Just the other day, the Mercedes she was riding in with her mom was struck by a garbage truck, with photographers trailing in hot pursuit.

Justin Bieber also knows what it feels like to be pursued by the paparazzi. He took evasive steps that cops said were reckless.

Just two weeks ago, the teen idol was ticketed for going over 80 miles an hour on the freeway in Los Angeles as he tried to flee photographers.

Now, INSIDE EDITION has obtained the 911 calls from terrified motorists who witnessed the chase.

One caller told the 911 operator, "There's either a celebrity being chased by paparazzi, or some crazy chase going down. They're cutting off cars, weaving in and out."

Suri Cruise is the latest, and most heartbreaking, in the sometimes crazy race to get the picture that tells the story.