Surveillance Cameras Catch Child Fighting Off Abductor

A young girl escaped an attempted kidnapping and her father credits TV's Law & Order SVU for her quick reaction. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Shocking surveillance video has surfaced of a brave 10-year-old girl fighting off a creep who tried to abduct her off a city street in broad daylight.

Now, police have just arrested a suspect who the little girl has reportedly identified as the attacker.

Her parents are speaking out to INSIDE EDITION about the attempted abduction that has outraged the nation.

"He definitely picked the wrong girl that day and that time," her mother said.

In the video, a white car pulled over on a South Philadelphia street right before the little girl and her 2-year-old brother walk past. They'd just bought ice cones from a neighborhood market. As they turned the corner for home, a guy in a black t-shirt got out of the car and followed them.

A second camera showed him sneaking up behind the kids. He then picked up the girl and tried to run off with her. She struggled with him as her terrified little brother screamed. The creep dropped her, and then ran off. He hightailed it back to his car and took off.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said in a news conference, "I want this creep off our streets - immediately!"

The alleged suspect had two things going against him. One: a security camera that caught all the action. Two: the girl happened to be a fan of Law and Order SVU.

The girl's father said she bit her attacker and fought back just as she learned by watching the TV show.

"Honestly, I'd rather my children know what is out there and I let them know, 'Yes, this is a television show, but this does happen.'"

Security expert Steve Kardian said the brave girl and her brother did everything right.

Kardian said, "Immediately she began to struggle, scream, yell. She did everything perfect."

Kardian demonostrated an abduction for INSIDE EDITION.

"When you act in a way that he does not expect you ruin his plan. He tells you 'Don't scream,' scream. He tells you, 'Don't run,' run. He tells you not to say anything, scream as loud as you can and run away."

In this attempted abduction caught on tape, a parent's worst nightmare has a fortunate ending.