What You Need to Know to Stay Safe in Theaters

Saftey experts show INSIDE EDITION what you need to know to come out of a crisis situation alive.

If a maniac opens fire inside a movie theater, what could you do to get out alive?

Safety expert and former NYPD captain, Peter Moreno told INSIDE EDITION, "You need to remain calm and maintain a low profile so as not to attract a shooter's attention."

At the bloodbath in Colorado, theater-goers ran for their lives. Moreno, however, said running might not always be the best choice.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asked, "So I'm watching the film, and I sense something is wrong. What do I do?"

"Megan, I want you to get down. Get on the floor. Make yourself low. I want you to conceal yourself from the line of sight of the shooter," replied Moreno.

He told INSIDE EDITION, safety should be on your mind from the moment you enter the theater.

"Where should I sit?" Alexander asked.

"Well, where you sit is not as important as what you do before you sit down. What you need to know is your surroundings. Before the lights are turned off, I want you to know where the exits are, where there are places that you might hide," said Moreno.

Alexander asked, "What else can I do?"

"Remember, concealment is key," said Moreno, and suggested hiding behind the curtains.

Just like they say in the safety promos in theaters, "Please use the exit nearest you in an emergency."

INSIDE EDITION's security expert Steve Kardian said, it's good advice.

"Sit in a place near an exit. Notice all the other exits. Notice how many people are in the theater. Notice what your nearest exit is, and keep that in the back of your head, should there be a time that you have to leave quickly," said Kardian.

At The Dark Knight Rises massacre, movie-goers thought at first that the gunman was part of the show. Our expert says, if something strange or unexpected happens, be leery.

Kardian told INSIDE EDITION, "Believe your eyes and ears. If you believe you're in danger, you are. If you hear gunshots, it likely is. Remove yourself from the scene, and get as far away as you can."