Reports From The Dark Knight Rises Shooting Scene

INSIDE EDITION reports from the scene of the shooting massacre at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises, where witnesses still can't believe what they saw.

Moviegoers relived the terror of The Dark Knight Rises movie massacre.
One witness told INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret, "I just dove right into the aisle and tucked in underneath the chairs to find a place where I could just hide, and then he shot somebody behind me. And the gunshells were falling on my head. They were still fresh and they were burning my forehead and I could smell the gun powder, and I was just scared. I told everybody to stay still, don't move."

Another witness told Moret, "More and more shots just rang out, and rang out, and rang out and everybody just started screaming."

"From the corner of our right eye, we saw flares from the gun," said another witness.

One of those who was killed was up and coming sportscaster Jessica Redfield. Incredibly, she had survived another random shooting at a mall in Canada only last month. She had been tweeting right before the movie, saying: "Movie doesn't start for 20 minutes."

A desperate father was searching for his son, who was at the midnight showing of the Batman movie. It was his 27th birthday.

The father tearfully said, "We're looking for him. They don't have him on any list yet. Twenty-seven years ago today, I was at the hospital when he was being born. That's what I was doing. Now, here it is 27 years later and I'm going to be seeing him at the hospital for another reason."

The heartbreaking scene evoked memories 9/11.

Cops say the 24-year-old gunman, James Holmes, threw a tear gas canister before he started blasting.

Cell phone videos posted on YouTube capture the horrific scene as terrified moviegoers ran for their lives.

A number of people going to the midnight screenings were dressed in Batman-related costumes, so when the gunman first walked in, a number of people simply thought it was part of the celebratory atmosphere. They soon realized, this was no movie.

On cell phone videos taken at the scene, one bewildered moviegoer can be seen in a Batman outfit outside the cinema. One victim was covered in blood and helped away from the theater.

A witness told Moret, "When we were getting out, we saw a girl, she was hit in her leg. A guy was hit in both of his legs. He came over to us limping and told us to help him, and we sat him in the back of our car and told him to sit down. There was blood going down his legs."

A man attending the screening was in tears after seeing a youngster shot down in the massacre, saying, "It could have been my sister."

Chris Ramos was overcome with emotion as he described the scene on Good Morning America.

"The image in our heads is stuck in their. And I still have the [movie] ticket. Honestly, I'm never going to forget this night, at all," said Ramos.

The police transmissions from the scene and 911 calls are chilling.

911 caller: "We need rescue inside the auditorium, multiple victims." 

Another 911 caller said: "We got another person outside, somebody shot in the leg, a female."

Another 911 caller said: "Seven down in theatre 9! Seven down!"

A spokesman for the hospital where several victims were taken was appalled at the carnage. One victim posted a photo online showing the bloody hole in his shirt.

Cops say the suspect's apartment was riddled with booby traps. Firemen in helmets smashed windows at the apartment, but were warned not to go inside.

Cops searched every inch of Holmes' car. Items including a bullet-proof vest and a helmet believed to belong to the shooter, lied nearby.