Dad Turns YouTube Sensation into Booming Business

What started out as a funny YouTube video of a 7-year-old boy acting loopy after a visit to the dentist has turned into a booming business for his family. INSIDE EDITION has more.

It's one of the most popular YouTube videos of all time: a 7-year-old boy named David is completely loopy after a trip to the dentist.

The video has been viewed a whopping 56 million times, and David's dad is now cashing in on its popularity, selling t-shirts emblazoned with David's catchphrase, "Is this real life?" and licensing the video for commercials, including one that aired during the Super Bowl.

What started out as a funny home video on YouTube has turned into a full-time job for David's dad, and a booming international business to boot.

"From how far away are people ordering things?" INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander asks.

"All over the world. We've sent product to 24 countries and in fact today, I just got an order from Indonesia," says David's father, David Devore.

It's so lucrative that David's dad quit his job in real estate to focus on the business; the spare bedroom in the family's Orlando home is now stacked high with t-shirts.

"When you posted that video on YouTube did you ever think it would become a successful business?" asks Alexander.

"We thought maybe it'll pay for a few video games, maybe a family vacation or something like that, but probably about six months into this we realized that this was something more to it and maybe we could pay for more, maybe even David's college," says David's dad.

David, now 9, helps pack the t-shirts for shipping.

So how much money can you make with a quirky 30-second YouTube video?

"All told, with the licensing, YouTube revenue, and the merchandise, we're way over low six figures, over $100,000," David's dad tells INSIDE EDITION.

Not bad for a trip to the dentist!