A Look Inside Alleged Movie Gunman James Holmes' Apartment

INSIDE EDITION got a look through the windows of alleged Colorado movie gunman James Holmes' apartment that was booby trapped to explode.

It's a first look inside the apartment of James Holmes, accused in the Batman movie massacre.

College text books on neuroscience and molecular biology can be seen on his bookshelf. There are candles and a lamp on a table. Through the kitchen window, the open door of a refrigerator and cabinets can be seen.   

The view inside through the shattered windows is from a neighbor's apartment where INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret gained access from a resident who lives in a one bedroom apartment in the sister building to James Holmes' building just across the way.

According to law enforcement officials, there were 30 home made grenades and 10 gasoline containers inside the apartment, with wires all leading to one central box in the kitchen that was rigged to explode if anyone walked in.

Reports suggest a trip wire running across the front door would set off set off a series of explosions if anyone walked in.

Neighbor Jimmy Davis was forced to evacuate his home in a hurry after the massacre.
Moret asked, "There may have been 30 grenades, 10 canisters of gasoline, all rigged to explode. When you think about that, how does that make you feel?"

"Scared. Scared and nervous to know that something like that is going on right next door and we didn't have a clue," said Davis.

He was away for three days. Now, he's back home and trying to get his life back on track.

"When you think of of all the people who got killed and all the people who got wounded, it just leaves you kind of numb," said Davis.

And he's never going to look at the view from his window in the same way ever again.