Video of Killer Whale Attack Surfaces

INSIDE EDITION has video that was just released of a killer whale attacking a trainer.

Amazing video of a killer whale attacking a veteran trainer has just been made public.

In the video, a 6,000-pound Orca pulled its trainer, Ken Peters, underwater with extraordinary force.

Peters can be seen trying to escape, but the whale has his feet in her teeth. Above water, the other trainers realized something was wrong, but were powerless to help.

Finally, with little time to spare, the killer whale surfaced and Peters was able to breathe again. The relief on Peters face was visible as he was able to slip away after 15 minutes of pure terror.

He swam for his life and then scurried when he realized the whale, named Kastaka, was following behind. Peters suffered puncture wounds and broken bones.  

The video was shown during a trial involving the death of trainer Dawn Brancheu in Orlando, who was killed by another whale in 2010. The judge in the case called this video, "chilling."