Tiki Barber Allegedly Cheating on Wife with Former NBC Intern Since 2008

It is being reported that former football star Tiki Barber has been seeing the 23-year-old he left his wife for since 2008. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Tiki Barber snuck into his young mistress's college dorm room for an overnight rendezvous while his wife Ginny was home with their kids, according to the latest reports.

Traci Lynn Johnson was a student at Mount Saint Mary College, a Catholic school in upstate New York, when her romance with Barber reportedly began two years ago.

Barber is said to have showered her with gifts like designer handbags. On her 21st birthday, he actually sent 21 dozen roses to her dorm. And one night, he's said to have spent the night in her dorm room.

"Tiki did visit the College of Mount Saint Mary, where Traci was an honor student in 2008, and he gave a speech at the school," New York Daily News columnist Amanda Sidman tells INSIDE EDITION.

Barber even gave a guest lecture at Mount Saint Mary about his career as a broadcaster and superstar of the New York Giants. Johnson wrote her senior project about his line of children's books.

And a new photo of the pair has been uncovered. They were snapped together at Newark Airport two years ago, around the time their affair reportedly began. Just last month, Twitter messages show that they were in Arizona, apparently together. "Just arrived in Phoenix," Barber tweeted on March 5th. The same day, Johnson wrote "Arizona lovin'." She's also said to have attended the Winter Olympics in Vancouver with Barber, who introduced her as his "assistant."


Barber's pregnant wife Ginny remains in seclusion. She's due to give birth to twins next month.

Both Barber and his wife have hired attorneys, but neither has filed for divorce.